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Friday 21 November 2014

A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 10!

It is with very great pleasure, and not a little amazement, that Cherryade Records presents A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 10 - yes, we can't believe we've made it to the full decade either! 

When we released the first volume of A Very Cherry Christmas back in 2005, just a couple of months after we had set up our tiny label from a halls of residence bedroom at Lancaster University, I don't think we had even envisioned there being one sequel, let alone nine! We put the first compilation together entirely for our own delectation; I adore Christmas and Christmas music and the idea of getting some of my favourite bands to record Christmas songs for us was extremely appealing! The result of our first tentative foray into the Christmas compilation was a thirteen-track cd featuring the likes of Das Wanderlust, Steveless and Misty's Big Adventure and we were, and still are, immensely proud of it. It came as a pleasant surprise to discover that so many other people apparently loved it as much as we did and that there were so many fans of good quality Christmas music out there! 

The success of A Very Cherry Christmas led to its sequel the following year and, before long, the idea of not releasing a Cherryade Christmas compilation was unimaginable! It is also wonderful to know that A Very Cherry Christmas has apparently become a part of many other people's festive traditions, it's wonderful when we receive emails telling us that Christmas wouldn't be the same without the arrival of A Very Cherry Christmas

The first nine compilations comprised over 150 festive songs from the likes of Allo Darlin, John Shuttleworth, The Lovely Eggs, The School, The Bobby McGee's and countless, countless more. Each volume has been an absolute joy to compile, and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them. 

It is only right, therefore, that we mark the arrival of A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 10 with something a bit special. This year we have teamed up once again with renowned gig promoter, DJ, podcaster and Christmas music expert Gareth Jones, who first joined us on curating duties for volume 9 and who is largely responsible for that amazing installment! The resultant album is an astounding 23 tracks of unalloyed seasonal genius from the likes of Los Campesinos!, Town Bike, The Thyme Machine, Simon Love, The Sunny Intervals and many more. 

Here is the full track listing: 

1.   The Thyme Machine - Driving Home for Christmas (Presents) 
2.   Mighty Kids - Under Christmas Lights 
3.   Town Bike - Worst Christmas Ever 
4.   Los Campesinos! - Kindle A Flame In Her Heart 
5.   Happy Fangs - All I Want for Christmas Is Halloween 
6.   Sunny Intervals - Christmas In Your Sights 
7.   The Very Most - Wombling Merry Christmas 
8.   Simon Love - Santa's Beard 
9.   Monkeys In Love - Secret Santa Party #1 (In Comic Sans)
10. Helen Arney - Traditional Family Christmas Argument 
11. Oh Peas! - An Adult's Christmas In Wales 
12. Alex And The Christopher Hale Band - Christmas Party Disaster, 2011 
13. Stephen Hudson And The Fiat Pandas - The Truth About Christmas 
14. Moss and Jones - A Song for Mary 
15. Ho3 - Back Door Santa 
16. The Swapsies - I Hope It Snows Tonight 
17. The French Defence - The Shopworker's Lament 
18. Pocket Gods - Moobular Bells 
19. The Lost Cavalry - Christmas Wrapping 
20. Quiet Marauder - It's Xmas, So It's OK (To Go And Hug A Turkey) 
21. Partly Llama - The End of the Journey 
22. Jack Hayter - Xmas Eve In the Pound Shop 
23. The Twelve Hour Foundation - Christmas Follows Shortly 

You can order the compilation below for £6.

UK only:

Outside UK:

Please remember that stock is limited so order early to avoid disappointment. Unfortunately, we have sold out of most previous volumes of A Very Cherry Christmas. However, if you would like to catch up on what you may have missed in previous Christmases, then we have a very special offer available: you can buy A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 10 along with volumes 5 and 9, all together, for only £12 here. 

UK only:

Outside UK:

We apologise again for the relocation of the sales page for A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 10 but we are having serious website problems and did not want to delay the release of the album. 

Thanks for sticking with us all the way to volume 10 and here's to the next 10 volumes! 

Have a Very Cherry Christmas everybody, 
Lots of love, 
Rach and Adam xx

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